Zika Diagnositics in the Media

Today NPR featured a write up about how to test for the Zika virus. While It didn’t delve into the diagnostic testing side of things as much as Lab Medicine’s recent podcast, it does give readers a good overview. In addition, it highlights how critical laboratory professionals and pathologists are to public health and infectious disease prevention.

Listen: Zika Virus Podcast

Dr. Diamond from the Washington University School of Medicine talked with Lab Medicine about all things Zika Virus: a brief history of the virus, modes of transmission, and the implications for laboratory professionals and pathologists.

Give it a listen.

Reconsidering Mass Transfusion Protocols

In a new article exclusive to the Lab Medicine website, Gregory et al discuss mass transfusion protocols and argue against the 1:1:1 (1 unit each of platelets, plasma, and packed red blood cells) dogma. You can follow this link to read the paper.

What do you think? Is it time to reevaluate mass transfusion protocols?

Podcast: Answers to Your Ebola Preparedness Questions

The editors of Lab Medicine recently sat down with ASCP President Dr. Finn, Dr. Nancy Cornish from the Centers for Disease Control, and Dr. Lance Peterson from NorthShore HealthSystem to answer your questions about laboratory preparedness for a patient infected with Ebola Virus. You can listen to it here.