Testing Blood Donors for Suitability

In light of a recent study published by Gammon et al in Lab Medicine, we wondered if blood donation centers had explored options other than ferritin levels to screen for donor suitability. So, a poll! 

Friday Poll: Variable K+ Results

Is ASCP’s Wage Survey Helpful to You?

Recently, Lab Medicine published ASCP’s 2015 Wage Survey. If you have a chance to read it, take a few moments to answer the poll:


Poll: Ficin-Treated Red Blood Cells

Read the paper in Lab Medicine or listen to the podcast to learn more about one institution’s ficin protocol.



Lab Week Fun

Since it’s National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week–aka Lab Week–we’d like to start off the week with a poll.

Happy Lab Week, everyone!

Edited 4/25/14 to add: Thanks for playing, everyone! The correct answer–which over 88 percent of you knew–is Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons